Our Story

Creating beautiful and custom spaces that meet and exceed our clients' highest expectations is our priority and goal. We strive to personalize the homes of the clients whose lives we are so inspired by. 

Marlena Design Group (ASID & ALA) consists of young and creative talents pulled from the industries of architecture, design, writing, real estate, and personal styling. We combine our wide variety of experience and specialties to create fresh, custom interiors for residential and commercial spaces. Below is an introduction to our team. 

With over a decade of success, Marlena Carson has established a glowing reputation and a rapidly growing client base. A Colorado native and a graduate from the Art Institute of Colorado with a BA in Interior Design, Marlena began her career at an architectural lighting firm. She quickly realized her particular mastery of lighting design. This, combined with an excellent eye for detail and quality materials and years of experience in luxury showrooms, has paved the way to a fulfilling career in high end interior design.

In her downtime, Marlena can be found exploring the Rocky Mountains or watching cooking shows that provide inspiration for new recipes.

Kailey Anderson’s career in fashion began in 2010 and has spanned women’s, bridal, men’s and jewelry. She graduated from University of North Carolina Wilmington with a BA in English Literature and Certification in Professional Writing. Kailey was previously a licensed real estate agent in the state of Colorado and found the thrill of having a brand new space to decorate to be one of the most rewarding aspects of her clients’ home purchases. 

Growing up with a father in the military and a cultural sponge of a mother, Kailey views travel as her biggest influence in her writing. She has lived all over the US and spent two years in Japan as well as three months in Italy. She currently calls Denver home and lives with her two rather mischievous black cats.